Dic 11º PBX Hosting Announced

Beginning of January 2022, we will be hosting managed and un-managed FreePBX servers. On the managed PBX your server will be monitored by us, keeping it running smoothly. With the PBX ready to go, it leaves you to setup the phones and all the lovely line programming. If you prefer a lower cost and want to manage it all yourself, we can provide ... Espandi »

Nov 30º Updating your FreePBX or PBXact PBX with security fixes.

All systems should be updated, or at least security updates should be looked into. PBX systems are no less important than any other and maybe even more so. FreePBX or PBXact have an easy option to make sure you have your PBX software stack is patched with security updates, without updating the entire system and potentially breaking something.  Go ... Espandi »