All systems should be updated, or at least security updates should be looked into. PBX systems are no less important than any other and maybe even more so. FreePBX or PBXact have an easy option to make sure you have your PBX software stack is patched with security updates, without updating the entire system and potentially breaking something.  Go into your Modules menu > Admin > Updates, select Scheduler and Alerts. Click Automatic Module Security Updates from Email Only to Enabled. Your system will now update automatically with security patches/fixes and feel free to check the time and day it happens. One word of warning. when you login and the system has updated, don't be surprised you have "Apply Config" at the top. Don't panic, a change hasn't been made and left without applying (unless someone really has). But you should be ok clicking "Apply Config" after the update.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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